web design is not my passion


this started as just a test file to practice working my head around css, but now ive ended up with a decent site so i've converted my original page over to this!

i kinda gave up on trying to work everything from the ground up from scratch... was too much for me... thank you sad-grl for having such a good template... also i can feel that i've learned a bit more since i feel way more comfortable digging around in the code and experimenting with stuff. less overwhelmed yknow

UPDATE 4/11/23

i should probably start logging site updates for a little while until i get a proper log set up somewhere, right? anyway, tonight i gave the whole place a splash of red! i also tweaked my about a little bit, and added a page for collections even though none of the other links there are set up yet. i'll get to it eventually! before i do that though, i kind of want to set the blog up next. i like talking too much, i need a diary.