eva : 20 : they/she : usa

hiii.... i started this whole coding business honestly because i've been craving new hobbies. i also got fed up with most social media but still can't leave the internet alone; i live in such a country bumpkin rural region but i've never been the outdoorsy type. so here i am, learning to code a website! yaaay!! admittedly i do also have a tumblr, and i recently remade my, what, 3rd carrd maybe, but i was attracted to neocities by its ultra-creative potential and ~underground~ feel.
i also like talking about myself just as much as all humans do

other than all that bunk, just a quick disclaimer: i'm not cool! i'm a uni sophomore studying nutrition and learning how to exist in society like a properly functioning person. i'm also a lazy-ass artist, an enjoyer of joseimuke franchises (think anime games with full casts of pretty boys), and i drink too much caffeine.

hope you enjoy your stay under my little pebble of the web!

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